The Demon Lord(悪魔の主 Yokai no Shu,Masters of Devils)are a group formed of ten of the Demon worlds most powerful Demons.


The Demon Lords began all most over a thousand years ago,by the strongest Demon Lord at the time,Yan Oh.Yan oh ruled for five years until he was usurped by Heishiro,the new first demon lord.


The Demon Lord rank from 1 to 10,with 10 being the lowest and one being the highest. Current Demon Lords: Heishiro(1st)






Yami no Seiou(7th)

Yami Tsuki(8th)



Former Demon Lords:

Yan oh

Unnamed Dragon demon

Unnamed Fire Demon

Unnamed Shadow Demon

Unnamed Wolf Demon

Unnamed Fox Demon

Unamed Ice Demon

Powers & Abilities

All the Demon Lords have the same powers,however,there are differences between each Demon Lord's Power.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: is not elaborated upon by most of the Demon Lords,However, for some of the other Demon Lords it is used often. Some Demon Lord,especially those of higher ranks such as Heishiro, Maiito and Donaku, are known to be well-trained in this field. Physical strength and skill is determined by this class.

Flight:All the Demon Lords,have the power of flying(Although,some teleport).

Weapon Combat: Several Demon Lords Carry weapons and has shown to be quite good with them.

Terepashi(テレパシー Telepathy)All the Demon Lords have shown use of this power,mainly Kahidan and Yami no Seiou.

Super human abilities: The Demon Lords have many Super Human powers,such as super strength,speed,and Agility,also from some protection from mentally attacks.

Demonic step(悪魔のステップ Akuma no suteppu Devil's step or Step of the Devils) A movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow.While most Demon Lords have not shown a high use of it,They use it when needed.

Demon Arts(悪魔芸術 Akuma geijutsu or Demon arts)Are a type of sorcery used by Most Demon Lords. They can be used for various purposes, such as healing,attacking,Sealing and Unsealing(Mainly Attacking). Healing seems to be a more general and Rarely used skill among the Demon Lords,while attacking and Sealing or Unsealing require an incantation to be recited beforehand. Demon arts spells are divided into two major groups: destructive spells, used for direct attack, and Sealing spells, which are spells that restrain someone or have other effects. These forms of demon arts spells are performed by calling out a complicated and often long-winded incantation followed by the name of the spell, which causes an effect once the name has been recited. Lesser versions of the spells can be used by calling out the name alone, but their effectiveness is reduced when used in such a fashion,ex.Black Dragon wave is an attacking spell,Black Dragon ring is a Sealing spell.


The Demon Lords are made of many different Demon Races.The main race,however,appears to be Shadow Demon,this remains unknown.

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