== appearance ==


Demyx has blond hair and red eyes.


He has a silent personalety but is kind and more the protective type.


we only know that he knows Andreas Dé Astro and Driès Dé Astro.


Demyx has yet to appear in one of the story arcs.

powers and abilletie

sonido : He can use sonido on an good level.

cero and bala : He can shoot bala verry fast.

hand-to-hand combat : He's hand-to-hand skills are incredibly good and he's defense is practiculary unbreakable.

telekinesis : he can ingulf he's hands with telekinetic energy increasing there power and defensif abbileties.

== zanpakto ==
Demyx release

Demyx ressurection (ignore all the things that he's holding)

t name : dioses sentencia (gods judgement)

release command : amasu (save)

powers : It increases he's telekinetic abilleties but now he con also move things with his mind. an increases he defense.

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