Is a ancient race of beings that have extraordinary powers, while the Soberano are more treated as Angels, the Dimago are treated more as demons, even though they are not. They were said to live eons ago together with the Soberano and were the number one enemy of the Soberano, they began a war which cause the destruction of their race, the First Soberano Emperor, together with his knights, used all of their power in order to send the kingdom of the Dimago to the Underworld and destined to never resurface.

Like the Soberano, they are a mixture of all spiritual beings (except for Bounts which were created).

It is later revealed that the Dimago that survived made contract to the Shadow of Death, as they became minions of the dark. While the Soberano has the Los Caballero de Sangre, the Dimago has La Nove, a group of nine powerful Dimago serving the Shadow.

Powers and Abilities

Since they are a combination of Shigami, Hollow, Demon, and Angels it is safe to assume this species has a variety of abilities.

  • Immortality: Like the Soberano, the Dimago also can live eternally, they cannot die, but if their souls are taken out of their body, they can. Soberanos could also kill Dimagos in any way.
  • Portale Gli Inferi (lit. Underworld Portal): This is how the Dimago travels form dimensions to another one, if used by a number of Dimago, this might cause earthquakes and from the fissures, the Dimago that cast the spell can emerge.

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