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Dokuro is the 9th Espada in Rayanone Michihofo's Arrancar Army.


Dokuro is an Adjuchas-class menos who found Michihofo some thirty years before the betrayal of Aizen (the Turn Back the Pendulum arc), and at this point, Zuraran was already with him, and already an Arrancar too. Dokuro attempted to assassinate Michihofo, as he was a threat to Aizen. At this point Dokuro was the sole Fraccion of Cirucci Thunderwitch, and was granted immense power by Rayanone at that moment, which she used to kill Thunderwitch. This got Cirucci demoted to Privaron Espada, because instead of dying like Dokuro had thought, she really only had her mask removed, which was repaired by Aizen. In her fight with Captain Momo Hinamori, she lost, but did shock Momo by killing who she thought was Toshiro, but in reality was an illusion caused by the flames emitted from Inflamable. Momo was then driven insane because two people she thought had died had "came back from the dead", Toshiro and Aizen before that. Momo is then held in a detention cemter of the second division, with Ikkaku taking her Fifth Division Captain's seat. (They had found about about Ikkaku's bankai during his fight with Sharq)


Her zanpakuto is inflamable (Spanish for "flammable"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of a katana that when swung fires a Gran Rey Cero.


Burn, Inflamable

  • Resurrección: Its released command is burn. When she releases it, she turns into sort of a flame knight.
Resurrección Special Ability:

Nobody really knows what she can do in this form.

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