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== appearance ==

Driès de la astro

Driès has light braun curly hair. He has red eyes and is verry slim build. He's mask piece is a bit around he's ear the hollow hole is cenered in he's chest at the lungs. The outfit he wears consists of a white under part and white top with separated sleeves. Driès' zanpakto is called "Espejo de la oscuriad" ( mirror of darkness)and it is a traditional zanpakto with an purple hilt and pentagram shaped guard.


Driès can be verry irritating because he finishes other peoples scentences especially in battle witch makes he's opponents mad. further more is he a sad looking carracter. ofcorse in battle he can be serious. He doesn't like to draw he's sword and tries avoiding battle or long range battles.


bala and cero : he's bala and cero can be fired at verry high speed.

sonido : he can use sondo on good but not super high speed.

combat : wether sword fighting or hand-to hand combat he's not verry good at it.

== Espejo de la Oscuriad (mirror of darkness) ==

Driès' ressurection

Driès' skin turns purple and all dark elfish.

It has the ability to control the opponents spirit energy and shape it to its will. it also increases he's speed and skills in hand to hand combat drasticly.

attacks : crimson sword = creates a sword of red spirit energy witch can cut inner organs without damaging the surface.

               crimson light =  absorbs the attack of the opponent and send a ren bolt of energy to the opponent   
               crimson shield =  creates a shield of red energy.
               crimson blossom =  releases a giant wave of red energy towards multyple opponents paralysing them.

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