Duòyú Dìyùérhòu (lit. Descend to Hell and Back), he is the current leader of the Espada and appears to have a Shinigami past. He is a dark being who masters Illusions and makes them reality.

Duòyú Dìyùérhòu
"Master of Darkness
Age Unknown
Height 6'3"
Weight 152 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Unknown, presumed Shinigami
Affiliation Espada
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Team Espada
Occupation Leader
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown



Duòyú appears as a young teenager with messy black hair and two black eyes. He wears a white shirt with black plot patterns on it. He wears a black jacket with black pants. The jacket has a large collar and has long sleeves. He carries small knives inside of this jacket. He wears a thick necklace with multiple circular/iron pieces.


Duòyú is extremly sinister. He always smiles but hides a dark and scary persona that no man should ever see. He has no problem killing and has slayed many of his Arrancar with a smile. He hates Shinigami for an unknown reason and has only frowned once, against the Captain Commander.


Enhanced Speed- He is extremly fast and moves faster than any known Captain to date. He has shown to defeat multiple Captains without there notice until after the face. He also leaves a distilled image of himself after moving, throwing off the opponent.

Master Illusionist- With a simple thought, he can bend reailty into his liking. He is a master illusionist and can go as far as to put somone into an eternal dream and they would never notice. He can create fake worlds, fake Zanpakuto that can be wielded in battle and even crack a hole in space itself.

Knife Combat Expert- He has wieled small knives on more than one occasion. He carries them in his jacket and can bend the wind currents to control their patterns.

Garganta User- As the Leader of the Espada, he has shown to create Garganta portals wether they are large or small.

Cero User- He has used Cero once, when killing a young Arrancar for bringing him some bad information. It was red colored and he fired it from his finger.


  • It is unknown if he even wields a Zanpakuto and if he does its name is unknown.


  • He is greatly based off of Mukurou Rukurou of Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • Despite his ability to use Cero and Garganta, he is not believed to be a Vizard

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