Eduardo Kahn
Age 400+ years (exact year unknown)
Birthdate March 3
Height 179cm
Weight 62kg
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Affiliation The Arrancar Five
Team Lucia's Fracción
Occupation Fracción member

Eduardo Kahn (エジュアド・カン; Ejuado Kan) was a cheerful male arrancar who served as a member of Lucia's fracción. The other member of the same fracción was Aurora Wright. His hollow mask wraps around the top of his neck and raised on the back of his head.

Personality and Traits

Unlike many arrancar, Eduardo enjoys the good things in life: the most prominent being music. He claims to have no dislikes in any music genre and keeps up with the latest trends in the human world (despite having to kill them). In battle, he becomes stern and serious, though a song is often being played in his head as a method of coordinating his movements.

Powers and Abilities

None are known at the moment, though Eduardo is assumed to know Cero and Sonido.


Eduardo sheaths his zanpakutō at his waist. Its name remains unrevealed.

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