"Fear is necessary for evolution. The fear that one could be destroyed at any moment. Thank you, Gin. Thanks to your efforts, I have finally risen to an existence that surpasses both Shinigami and Hollow."

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Powers & Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power: Even though Epsilon is a mere human, he boasts a considerably large amount of energy. The amount he possesses is so intense, that it literally heats up the area when he releases it. The shear force from it being release, can cause the ground to quake in his wake, while setting fire to it. He has also shown the unique ability to completely hide it from both his allies and enemies, allowing him to continue on with tasks unnoticed. He also demonstrated immense reserves of energy; able to pull off a great number of his The Seven Great Deadly Flames attacks without tiring.

Enhanced Durability:

Enhanced Strength:


New Powers Epsilon

Epsilon Using Nanatsu No Purinesu Tsumi, with his Furllbring focus; his body.

Nanatsu No Purinesu Tsumi (七つのプリンセス罪,Seven Deadly Princes of Sin) After having is right arm and sword completely severed in two, Epsilon could not do much combat wise. The emotional damage of having his powers completely stripped from him caused him his body to go into a form of relapse. The deep bond he had with his own Reiatsu and flames gave birth to a Fullbring. When he had his uncle's arm implanted onto his own body, the arm began to take on the characteristics of his sword Tenkaiha Jigoku Kingusu No, that he once possessed.

His body created an inner world, somewhat similar to the one possessed by Visoreds. However, in his inner world were seven spirits. These spirits were manifested from the eight that he lost, taking all of their powers from his major spirit, Iblis. Using some form of evocation, he can call on the powers of the new seven flames he possesses. However, the flames only seemed to sprout from his right arm (which was the arm he wielded the sword with, and the arm that got severed).

As he progressed in the use of this Fullbring he became more and more aware of his powers, allowing them to mature. When he reached a fully matured form of Fullbring, he was able to release the flame from all around his body, but secreted off of his right arm. The spirits within his inner world, became the flames themselves, and gave him complete access to their full power.

Also, much like how he named his Eight Flames of The Infernal Kings he named these flames: The Deadly Seven Princes of Sin. This meant that each flame was named after a prince of hell, and that the ability was associated with one of the seven deadly sins.

Former Powers & Abilities