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Tenshi weild zanpakuto and have a release similar to a Shinigami's or an Arrancar's called an Esalare (赤経; Italian for Ascension, Japanese for Right Ascension). Unlike Shinigami zanpakuto, who have two releases (Shikai and Bankai), Tenshi only have one. The name of a Tenshi's blade is a name picked by the Tenshi, themself, vastly seperating it from that of a Shinigami or Arrancar, who's names are decided by the zanpakuto itself. The blade is named according to it's abilities. By saying a release phrase and calling the name of the zanpakuto, the Tenshi will gain a new form as well as the abilities of their zanpakuto. While most unreleased Shinigami Zanpakutō take the form of a katana or wakizashi, there is a significantly broader range for Tenshi (such as a sai, axe, a more fictionalized weapon). Once the Ensalare is activated, the Zanpakutō will also change form to access whatever special abilities it is capable of. The special abilities of the Zanpakutō, like the Zanpakutō itself, have specific names that usually must be announced to fully activate the effect.

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