notable members


haku hoshigaki haku is currently with captain of the exiled one.




the insignia is a tulip.

what are they

Exiled ones are european shinigami that works in the japanese side of the soul society.Ther. There first release is called "primeiro lanzamento" (first release). There the "knight" releases he's zanpakto spirit into the materialised world and it is released in the gallic language. In the second state called "versiòn final" the 2 fuse together yet they can still communicate fully with each other. The hado is called artes destructiòn and bakudo is now artes demo. there shunpo is called velocidade.

life in as an exiled one

As an exiled one you know life can be hard but you try to make the best out of it therefore every body supports eachother.

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