It was a warm, summer evening, with the crickets chirping and the fireflies shining the lantern-esque light from their rears. But unbeknowest to these creatures, two former enemies and friends, long forgotten one another, cross paths once more and fight, face-to-face, in order to once again prove which one is the strongest.

"Hmm..." mumbled Takuya, who wore his signature red cloak, covering his face. The one that he always wore. Behind him were his allies; Tetsuya Kamina, Akira Nomura, & Hokōra Shii. Ever since Muramasa Amakura's death, Takuya had been wandering, in search of his goal. He, along with those three, were walking along a dusty path, zanpakutō's in check. Takuya stopped, and looked around. Hokōra remained still. "Takuya," she called out,"I sense a large amount of reiatsu... It feels as though it's crushing me, with every step I take...". Tetsuya simply smiled at Takuya. Takuya did not reply back with his own. "I know this reiatsu, Hokōra." Akira simply remained silent, but he knew who this was. He simply felt the reiatsu.

Bells could then be heard, as a thick fog enveloped the area. A man with long purple hair walked out, his eyes remaining closed. He had confronted the group of shinigami, his eyes remaining closed shut.

Takuya and his alies quickly drew their swords. The man, however, had not moved. Tetsuya rushed at him, only to miss. The man had suddenly appeared behind Tetsuya, and proceeded to cut him down, all without opening his eyes. Akira stood near Takuya, knowing that as long as he did, he wouldnt be harmed by this stranger. Hokōra drew her zanpakutō and dissappeared, only reappearing seconds later, behind the strange man. She attempted a downward cut; she missed, only nicking the thin threads if his hair. Suddenly, the man appeared in front of Hokōra. She too, like Tetsuya, was cut down, seemingly dead on the ground.

The strange man walked toward Takuya, eyes remained closed. Takuya did not move at all. Neither did Akira. The two of them stood stiller then the night now creeping beyond the horizion. The man stopped, simply to look at Takuya. He, however, showed no emotion on his face, the sign of a cold heart - or a protective sinner. Takuya's hand drew closer to his zanpakutō as the strange man walked towards him. Takuya himself, despite being deeply worried, showed no emotion, same as this strange man. as the strange man grew closer, Takuya simply chuckled. He knew who it was, he'd just been waiting for him to return.

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