Prolouge Fighting my inner hollow is a real challenge. My only advantage is the use of Bankai that it can't fully grasp onto yet. WIth this I literally take over the role of Father Time. I can slow down my target and head in for the kill. I will finish him here and know, never again shall he haunt my spirit

Falling Sand

  • As Keigai held the blade to the Hollow's neck, it simply smirked and closed its eyes. "I don't think your in the position to smile" said Keigai. Suddenly the body of the Inner Hollow began breaking down into sand and turned into a huge pile on the floor. "Shit, Sabure Jikoku's Shikai Ability" he thought quickly spinning his staff and getting into an offensive position. "Kouin Kyuutai!" called Keigai as a blue bubble soon surronded him like a barrier. The Inner Hollow from out of nowhere. As the Cero pierced the blue bubble it slowed down gradually and Keigai simply moved to the left dodging it. "This orb can slow down anything besides me that reaches its range" said Keigai. Suddenly the Inner Hollow appeared from nowhere and sliced down with a sword of sand. Once the blade hit the bubble it slowed down and was easily dodged by Keigai. "You think I can't grasp that flimsy Bankai of your's. I actually created my own" said the Inner Hollow with a smirk." said the Hollow. "What!!?!?!?!" said Keigai shocked and freaked.

The Other Bankai

  • As the Inner Hollow stood outside of Keigai's Time Bubble, he called out "Ban-KAI". His gourd exploded and surronded him similar to Keigai. When he emerged he was wearing a similar outfit to Keigai except with crimson trimming. "Weeeeellll, its not totally original!" called the Inner Hollow wielding a stafff aswell. "So its the same as mine huh" said Keigai. "Nope, you are Father of Time... I control Space!" called the Inner Hollow. Suddenlly he slammed his staff against the bubble and a purple energy surronded it. The bubble cracked ans shattered...

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