Fantasma Reina (literally Phantom Princess) is a lustrous and beautiful arrancar. She is one of the Haciaparaje. She has tan skin and blonde hair. She has two beautiful emerald colored eyes. She wears a white sleevless shirt with a revealing stomach. She wears a skirt that goes down to her knee's with long white boots. She is efe in the Haciaparaje


Her Zanpakutou is Sángre ángel (literally Blood Angel). It has a thin blade with a square hilt. The handle has brown rope tied around it.

Ressurection- The release phrase for Sangre Angel is "Darfe!" (literally GIve Faith!). In Ressurection, her hair grows longer and she gains a pair of large white wings. She gains a large jaw piece that has two spikes on it. Her skirt lengthens and she gains a pair of white boots that have wings on them. She also gains a blade of energy with a Halo around it.

Ressurection Special Ability- In Ressurection, Fantasma is able to fly. She also gains the ability to release white feathers that block Spiritual Energy. She also gains a sword of white energy with a Halo around it.

Ressurection: Segunda Etapa (literally Ressurection Second State)- In Fantasma's second Ressurection, her wings become larger and a give off a white glow. Her hair changes into a white color. She gains a pair of white gloves with two circles on the hands. She wears feminine boots that have large heels. She also gains a long staff of white energy.


As an Arrancar, Fantasma has the regular abilities of other Arrancar.

Cero- Fantasma, like other Arrancar can shoot a blast of energy called Cero. Her Cero is a dark purple and she fires it usually from her hands.

Sonido- Like all arrancar, Fantasma can use Sonido similar to the Shingami's Shunpo. She is quite skilled at Sonido, and is able to move at quick speeds.

Garganta- Like all arrancar, Fantasma can use Garganta. She can create portals between all of the worlds.

Hierro- Like all Arrancar, Fantasma has Hierro or hardened skin.


  • She is the "Efe" (F) Arrancar of the Haciaparaje.
  • She is similar in appearance and personality to Halibel, the 2rd Espada.
  • She has 4 Fraccion, whose names are unknown.


  • "Hmph"
  • "Your fashion style, is bland"
  • "Darfe!"
  • "Genesis...., is my top Fraccion"

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