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Irumi Sankaku, otherwise known as her codename Fantasma Riscaldato (Heated Ghost in Italian). She, along with every Fantasma Di Cacciatore and Fantasma di Esecutore, has her own type of reishi. Hers is called Fiamma, which means Flame. As with the entire Fantasma Di Cacciatore group of which she belongs to, her name and Purifichi I Dei are the only things known.

Purifichi I Dei

Her Purifichi I Dei is Assalti Fucile (Italian for "Assault Rifle"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of an assault rifle that shoots flame and lava. It's capabilities as a long range weapon are unknown.

  • Apòstolo: To release it, Fantasma Riscaldato takes out the ammo and replaces it with her own Fiamma, fires it at the ground, and destroys the Assalti Fucile. Her Apòstolo is called La Pirotecnica di Diavolo (Italian for Devil's Pyrotechnics). The ground that was shot with Fiamma starts to burn, shrivel, and melt. It soon becomes a wasteland of burning ash and rubble, with fire only she can manually control.
  • Piena Fusione: Her Piena Fusione is Fiamma: Finale Liberazione (Flame: Final Release in Italian). To release it, Fantasma Riscaldato condenses the entire La Pirotecnica di Diavolo inferno into a single blue flame. Physically, it is the true final form of her Fiamma reiatsu. It has only been used on Shinji, and she was forced to withdraw after release.


  • This may not be simply coincidence, but all Fantasma di Cacciatore are female so far.

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