Days before, the top 4 Captains met. A massive Hollow attack interupted the meeting and forced them to go into battle. Feeling happy, the Captain Commander entered and quicklt disperced of them. Currently, the 3rd Division Lieutenant is carrying back and forth paperwork on the matter at hand.

As Juuji Awaisaishi carried the stack of paper and files through the large corridor, she stopped and looked out the window to the right. The buildins were partially destroyed and some were crushed. "Geez, can't we try and keep the damage to a minimum" he said with a sigh. Suddenly two figures pushed through the hall and knocked into Juuji. Falling back, the papers flew up into the air and he fell to his head. "Damn it! Get back here Mikoto! Izanami!" he called as the figures stopped and glanced back. "Sorry Lieutenant-sama" they said as they walked over and began picking up her stuff. Juuji got up and took the papers. "Sorry again, we were in a rush" said the quiet Izanami. "Yeah! We're gonna kill some Hollows!" he called grasping the handle of his Zanpakuto. "Idiots!" he called as the two ran away... again. Suddenly the ground started shaking and Juuji grew fearful. "What is this rise in Spiritual Pressure" he thought dropping the papers and running to the outside. When he got there he looked up to see a large Garganta opening in the sky. Stepping from it was a Menos Grande with an long nose. "Look's like Hueco Mundo's picking a fight" he said unsheathing his Zanpakuto and Flash Stepping away. He appeared in the sky above the Hollow and pointed out his finger. "Hado #4: Byakurai!" he called as a flash of lightning fired from it and struck the Menos. It tilted back and howled folloed by a charged Cero. As the red energy swelled up in its mouth, Juuji pointed out his sword. "Seizen, Hana Yakuin!" he called grasping hold of a black staff. He jumped forward and pushed the staff into the Menos's mask cracking it. He jumped back and rapidly spun the staff. "Kaben Arashi" he called as a storm of petals cascaded around him. The storm surronded both Juuji and the Menos Grande. Juuji jumped back and was know outside the petal storm. "Hado # Shakkaho" he called as a small red ball appeared in his palm. He slammed down on the petal's outer wall and set every petal on fire, burning the Menos inside. He turned around and smirked as the petals disperced and left nothing behind.

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