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"So d'you wanna lose your limbs or be healed? Fenikkusu here won't let me choose who's friend or foe, so ya' might wanna act a lil' nicer." -Fenghuang

Fenikkusu no Hane (フェニックスの羽, Wings of the Phoenix) is the Zanpakutō that is paired with Fenghuang.


The sealed form of Fenikkusu no Hane is a Chinese Jian.

Release Forms and Abilities


  • Appearance: The release command for Fenikkusu no Hane is "Kasō or "Cremate".
  • Abilities: Filler

Shikai Special Ability: Filler

  • Filler

Bankai- Not Yet Revealed

  • Appearance: N/A
  • Abilities: N/A

This article is incomplete.

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