Back in the Human World Hide Yamatoro had just woken up from her unconcious state only to find a handsome boy standing in front of her. He smiled at her.

"Who are you?" she asked the boy. "Awww thats no fun babe, a gentle man should ask for the lady's name not the other way around" laughed the boy. Hide rose to her feet dusting the dirt off her. The boy pulled out his dagger and held it to her throat, Hide didn't move. "Sorry babe but I'm afraid that I'm the true 8th Espada" said the boy in a suprisingly sincere voice. The boy came in close and gave Hide a long deep kiss but then broke the kiss and steped back. Hide blushed at the boys advance on her. "Please draw your sword babe, I promise I will give you a death fit for a queen.

Meanwhile in Hueco Mundo with Blanca NuVera's arm torn off the battle seemed to be turning back into Keiji's favor. That is until Blanca revealed a terrible truth...

Clenching the area were his right arm once was Blanca began to mutter under his breath. "Speak up rat!" spat Keiji, Blanca began to laugh madly. "You think you win if you beat me!? Fool you have no chance against us?!" howled Blanca. Keiji began to get angry his blood began to boil at the sound of his opponent's voice. "Just as their are Angels there are Demons, I chose to work for the Demons. Even if you defeat me next to our demon masters you hold no candle to them, they are the rulers of Hell!!!" yelled Blanca in an even more psychotic voice.

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