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With a final knee to the gut, Ryuunaku tells Seireitou that he lacks the time to continue this fight. So from there, he declares himself Seireitou's "executioner" the next time they meet. With that, he and Amakuni leave via their Garganta.

"Come back here, you bastard!!" grunted out Seireitou, gasping for air. He had suffered a serious beating from this Ryuunaku fellow. As the garganta closed, he lost conciousness, falling to the cold ground with a thud. Gotei 13 captains all surrounded the fallen General, with Sakura and Asaka picking Seireitou up and carrying him on their shoulders. "My my... this is getting out of hand..." sighed Captain Nariko Hisano of Squad 8. All of the Captains, along with Seireitou's body being carried by Sakura and Asaka, returned to the Squad 1 barracks. General Byakko called for a meeting, while the latter two were taking care of their own fallen general.

General Byakko took a gander at all of the Captains and sighed, "It appears that another enemy has made themselves known... So, does any Captain have any thoughts pertaining to this situation?" he set the question in motion. There was a brief silence as Captain Bankei Kuchiki spoke up. "Why not just simply send the Royal Guard in. From the look of things, if General Kawahiru was unable to defeat this person, what makes any of us think we as Captains stand a better chance?" he laid out for all to ponder.

Meanwhile, in the Squad 4's barracks, Seireitou had finally awaken and was told the happenings.

Seireitou, himself, was regreting his defeat but shrugged it off, and ran off for the Squad 1 Barracks. Asaka tempted to stop him, by Sakura told her to let him go. Seireitou was flashing again and again, racing for the barracks. "What I mean is, who are we to say we can fight against them? Why involve ourselves? After all, the Royal Gua-" he continued, but was soon interupted as one of the large doors of the barracks was flown off, almost slamming right into Byakko. Byakko gave an annoyed look, as Seireitou ran inside. "Byakko, this matter doesn't concern you! How dare you call for a meeting about this without me!" accused Seireitou.

Seireitou arrives at the meeting, and orders the Gotei 13 to leave this situation to him. What will be Byakko's reponse to this?!

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