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Part Two (Tara)

I'm getting better at sensing. I was able to detect Keiran as he was heading back. About time too. I've been stuck indoors for days. I can't wait to get out and actually see Karakura Town. Also because I want to try out that ability Kisuke taught me about translating languages. Then Keiran walked into the room in his Gigai.

“Can we go now?” I asked.

Keiran sighed and said “Yes. You know you could sound a little more grateful about this. It wasn't easy to train myself to completely conceal your Reiatsu.”

“Training my arse. All you've done is gone around hunting Hollows.” I replied.

“Heh. True enough.”

We headed outside. As we were walking I noticed that Keiran looked kind of uncomfortable. I couldn't quite put my finger on as to why though. Maybe he is just used to being in Shinigami form. Wearing a Gigai must come as a shock to the system.

“So hows your training going?” asked Keiran.

“Very well. I can actually control and conceal my Reiatsu now.” I said proudly.

“I doubt that. Urahara would have let you out without me if that were true.” He retorted.

“Hey! Fine I'll show you then!”

“Oh come on. I was just messing with you!” He laughed.

I was too annoyed though to let him brush it off that easily.

“Fine. Go on then.” He sighed.

Keiran removed Kage's protection and I began focusing. I locked away all my Reiatsu, completely concealing my spiritual presence.

“Huh. I'm impressed. Well done.” Keiran admitted.

I felt really proud of myself. That's when I accidently let my concentration slip. For a few moments before Keiran used Kage again, all of my Reiatsu was exposed to the outside world.

“Oh crap.” I managed to whimper.



The Foreign Reaper

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