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Part Five (Tara)

I felt so useless running like this. Unable to protect myself. There was nothing I could do though. I could sense how powerful it was. Not even Keiran was that strong. Even now I could feel him fighting. And he was losing. I had to get Kisuke, otherwise Keiran would die...

I reached the Urahara shop and ran inside, to find Kisuke waiting there for me.

“You've got to...” I began to gasp

“No.” he said.

“What? You know?” I exclaimed.

“You honestly expected that I didn't? Who do you think you are talking to? Of course I know. I knew since the moment that it entered the world.” he replied.

“Then why aren't you going to help Keiran!? He's gonna die out there!” I shouted.

“Because he wouldn't want me to.”

“Why not!? I'm sure he doesn't want to die!” I was getting angry.

“Because of what happened six years ago. Did you know Keiran's older brother, John, was a substitute Shinigami as well? Well one night when John was on patrol he fought a very powerful Hollow. Now Keiran and John were very close, so when that Hollow killed John, Keiran immediately knew what had happened and charged out to fight that Hollow.” Kisuke explained.

“Keiran and John were also very evenly matched when it came to power. And Keiran knew that. He knew he couldn't beat that thing. But he had to face it. He couldn't just sit there and let it leave. No one could given the circumstances. He would have died as well had it not been for my interference. The Hollow managed to escape, but Keiran was alive. He told me afterwards I shouldn't have interfered. That it was his fight to finish, whether it went either way.” he continued.

“What? That's stupid! His brother wouldn't have wanted him to die! Not for revenge...”

“Doesn't make sense does it? Those who haven't lost someone that's as close to them as John was to Keiran could never understand...” he explained.

“That's why even if Keiran dies fighting that Hollow, the same one that killed his brother, I won't interfere till it's over.”



The Foreign Reaper

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