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Part Seven (Keiran)

...for John.

I crawled to my feet, breathing heavily and turned to face the Hollow.

“Hah! So you can get up! Seems like you've sustained a lot of injuries though. Guess I'll just have to finish you and feed!” the Hollow gloated.

It began charging a cero. I slowly began moving my hands down to my other sword, my brother's sword. I wonder what your name is? Will I ever know? You're impervious to me even in my own mind. Thankfully I don't need to know yet, if you don't want me to it's fine. I have enough power to call on.

The Adjuchas launches it's cero at me. I focus Kage around John's sword as I draw it, then I swing it to meet the cero. Upon impact the deadly energies clash against the blade, but with Kage's power supporting it they are held back. Then, with one flick of the sword, I harmlessly deflect the blast into the sky. For a few moments the Hollow and I glare at each other in complete silence.

“How did you do that? Your Zanpakuto wasn't that strong when we were fighting before.” it said, breaking the silence.

“Because of the way Kage works. On his own his' power is much lower than when used to amplify attacks or shield something. But even then how powerful he becomes is dependant on what exactly you are focusing him on. This blade is much more useful for attacking than my body and is also more structurally sound. So the boost Kage gives to it will be much greater than when I was focusing him on my body instead.” I answered.

“I had become so reliant on using Kage to amplify my body's abilities, that I ignored any other possibilities for fighting. I guess I had become rusty. Too few opponents forcing me to be intuitive that I forgot how to use my mind as a weapon while in battle.” I admitted.

The Adjuchas kept looking at me in silence, like a predator that has just discovered that it's prey is more challenging than first thought. Wait, actually it was exactly like that.

“So, are you up for another round or do you want to run?” I asked.

“Run away? Hah! You think you can beat me? Bring it on!” it replied.

We both took our respective battle stances.

“Heh. Good. This is for John.”



The Foreign Reaper

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