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Part Eight (Tara)

What!? Keiran's Reiatsu... it was fading a second ago, now it's increasing!

“Kisuke, how did Keiran do that?” I asked quietly.

“Do what?” he replied, sounding confused.

“His Reiatsu just picked up. A lot. Wait... you can't sense it?”

“Of course not! Your the only one I know who can sense through Kage's ability or my untraceable Gigai. I've been trying to figure out how you do it while I was training you.” he retorted.

“Oh. Why is he using that ability? Isn't it a little pointless?”

“Because I didn't want the Gotei 13 detecting anything down here before I'm finished. I asked Keiran to conceal the Reiatsu of any Hollows he fights in order to keep Karakura below the radar.” A smile grew on his face, “but if what you said is true, it looks like Keiran is fighting back still. He may well have a chance.”

It infuriated me the way he could talk so calmly about something like that. Keiran could still die out there. I don't care if he doesn't want anyone else to help him, he's going to throw his life away.

“I need to prepare some things. I'll be back in a second, don't worry about Keiran okay?” he said, trying to be reassuring.

It didn't matter what he said now. I wasn't going to just leave Keiran to die out there, I had to do something, anything. That settled it.

A few minutes later Kisuke would walk back through to his shop, to find me gone. I could almost imagine his face.

“... Oh crap. Keiran is gonna kill me if he finds out about this...” Kisuke said, back at the store.



The Foreign Reaper

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