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Part Nine (Keiran)

As I struck a huge blast was created. Unfortunately that damn Adjuchas avoided the attack. Crap! It didn't matter that my attacks were more powerful, it was still faster than me. At the very least it couldn't attack as recklessly, as now if it made a mistake, I could kill it. Also it had stopped goading, which was a plus.

It tried to launch an attack from behind, which I avoided by leaping into the air. Right, next it should follow through with another attack... oh shit! The cero blast came out of nowhere. It struck me just as I was able to get John's sword in a position to block it. I struggled against the blast for a few moments before it dissipated.

It quickly followed through with a punch which I narrowly avoided. It had left itself wide open! This was my chance. I swung my blade at it's exposed torso. Suddenly spikes emerged from it's arm and fired at me. Reflexively I detonated Kage to protect myself. We both emerged from the blast, although I had clearly come worse off. Damn that hurt!

“Hah! I'm impressed. It's been so long since I had to use that technique, and even longer since someone's been able to stop it!” it laughed, “I haven't had this much fun in ages!”

I just stood there, not replying. I needed a way to defeat it. Soon.

“Huh, staying silent? Fine then. Let's see you stay quiet after I'm finished with you!” he threatened, charging at me.

I used shunpo in an attempt to get behind him, but he simply countered with a backhand swing. I flew backwards then regained my footing on the ground. Strange, that attack should have been more damaging than it was. It hadn't gotten any weaker so what then?

It launched another attack. As it was about to hit, I sidestepped and stabbed my sword into it's arm. Then, swinging my sword I cut a huge gash along it's arm. I don't know what's going on, but it's slower now too. ...No. I'm getting faster. How?

Enraged by it's wound it screamed out then created more of those spikes on both it's arms this time. It fired one off, which I easily avoided. With another scream it launched another, which I simply deflected with my blade. Screaming ever more frantically, it then launched the rest of the spikes, 34 in total, at me in rapid succession. Not one of them hit. Using shunpo I was easily able to dodge them, despite the accuracy with which they were fired.

“How!? How are you doing this!? This is impossible!” it shouted.

I had no idea. I was gaining power but I had no idea where from.

“That would be me.” a strange voice said.



The Foreign Reaper

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