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Fuerza Clavar (lit. Forced Strike) is the Octava Espada on KingBarragan's Espada.

Fuerza Clavar
Fuerza Clavar
Octava Espada
Age N/A
Height 8 feet 5 inches
Weight 184 lbs
Gender Male
Species Arrancar
Partners Four Fraccion, to be named
Affiliation Espada
Occupation 8th Espada

Penetrante Clavar (younger brother)


Fuerza is an average looking man with a white cloak and a black flat top hair cut. Over his nose is a long black stripe. He has his tattoo on his right shoulder and he wears his cloak in a way that shows this (imagine the right sleeve pulled down past the arm) and he wears a pair of long black sandals. His mask remains is a large piece of white bone around his left eye. His hollow hole is located on his right hand and he has blue eyes/


Fuerza is a religous man. He claims that his god is who ever he finds worthy, this being the unknown leader of the current Espada. He has ceremonial duty when killing a target. He mu8st light a candle and burn the body. He can be very naive and easy going at times.


Master of Hand to Hand Combat- He is skilled at fighting, hand to hand. He is skilled with boxing and martial arts.

Sonido Expert- As an Espada, he is skilled at Sondio a special ability in which the target will move at high speeds.

Cero- An attack only known to Hollows, Vizards, and Arrancar, Fuerza has many special types of Cero.

Hierro- As an Arrancar, he has Hierro. His Hierro is quite strong, plus he uses his Hierro to increas attack damage.

Swordsmanship Specialist- He is somewhat skilled at fighting with his Zanpakuto, it being sheathed on his waist.

Appearance in Fan Fiction

Mastery of Bankai, Begin the Training- In this chapter, towards the end, Fuerza heads out to Karakura Town with his Fraccion.


His Zanpakuto's name is Aquietar Uno (lit. Calm One). It has a white handle with purple gems stuck into the handle. The blade is sheathed in a black sheath. The release phrase is unknown as his Ressurection.


  • He takes Szayel Aporro Granz's position.

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