The Emblem of the Fujibayashi Family. Note that the octagonal outline is not tilted like the major noble families' emblems.

The Fujibayashi Family (藤林; Fujibayashi) was a lesser noble family that held prominence among different professions in Seireitei's military forces. Its members were generally proud of their family name and have been known to be edgy with other noble families, especially the four major families. Its roots could be dated back before Commander-General Yamamoto's founding of the shinigami academy, though the family history begins to become ambiguous beyond that point. It may mean that the Fujibayashi Family rose to the status of a noble family through merit. After the sentencing of Hotaru, the lone heiress of the noble house, in the aftermath of supposedly treasonous actions a century before the Bleach storyline, the Fujibayashi Family lost face. It only regained its pride after Hotaru returned and became the 20th Head of the Fujibayashi Family.

Notable Members

  • Hotaru Fujibayashi - a former member of the Onmitsukidō who was considered a convict for allegedly aiding the illegal experiments that created the first Vizards roughly 100 years before the main storyline of Bleach. Since then, she was pardoned and became the 2nd Division Captain and head of the family.
  • Kenji Fujibayashi - an unusual shinigami with the ability to "merge" with his zanpakutō, inspiring Soul Society's creation of the Kenrei.
  • Kohaku Fujibayashi - father of Hotaru Fujibayashi and brother to Masaru Fujibayashi, Kohaku was the former head of family.
  • Masaru Fujibayashi - a talented zanjutsu master who is said to be able to halt a Gillian class menos with a sealed zanpakutō.

Behind the Scenes

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