Fukkatsu (lit. The Resurrected Ones), are individuals which undergo the process of either hollowification or shinigamification, in which they failed on being transformed to either an Arrancar or a Vizard, but had found a way in order to revert themselves back from what they were in the past, as a result they became the Fukkatsu, unlike Vizards, they don't have Hollow masks, unlike Arrancars, they don't have Hollow holes, but they seem to possess power both Vizards and Arrancar possesses, Cero and Shunpo for example, which can only be used by Hollows and Shinigami, respectively. Unlike the Arrancars and Vizards, which can release either Shikai or Bankai, if they were Shinigami in the past, and Resurrección, if they were Hollows in the past, they have a new release called desenmascarar (lit. unmask) Most of them, if not all, has a Spanish-based name.

They are able to control elements, when they release their power. This is why sometimes they are named as Half-Elementals by many. Desenmascarar allows them to do this, each one of them may be able to possess at least one, for no one yet has shown the ability to use many at a time.

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