Many booths away, Captain Izumi Naomoto was talking with his Lieutenant Tanaka Toshinari.

“I really think you should try and enjoy yourself, get involved, it would be good for you,” Izumi said encouragingly. “Why should it matter?” Tanaka said blankly. “It been 15 years since I broke you free of your memories and in all that time not once have you even attempted to connect with anyone besides me. I know it must be difficult for you but isolating yourself isn’t healthy. If you make close bonds with other people it will be easier for you to stay in the present and prevent you from slipping back. And with the friendly atmosphere of the festival, it’s the perfect opportunity to do so. At least try … for me.” Noticing the slight worry in his Captain’s voice, Tanaka grudgingly responded, “Fine then.” “Wonderful! Now I have to attend to this goldfish scooping booth the rest of the day but I heard of this one amazing booth … You searching for something Captain?” Tanaka turned around to see Captain Kyashi Yagami looking around and then towards them when Izumi called her. She made her way over still looking as she did, “Hello their Captain Naomoto … well not really, more like on the lookout.” He cocked his head in confusion, “On the lookout for what?” Hesitantly she replied, “… Truth be told, my Lieutenant, Tobikuma. I mean I know he’s currently doing his job, going around making sure everything is running smoothly, and it’s not for anything in particular but … I just get the feeling that he’s avoiding me … actually he’s been avoiding me ever since I became Captain and even when I do see him he’s very curt and leaves as quickly as possible.” Izumi expression turned somber, “Oh dear, I guess he’s still not over Ichiro’s death.” Kyashi averted her gaze downward and frowned, “Don’t take it personally,” he consoled her, “I doubt that he’s actually angry with you. It’s just easier for some people to deal with their pain when they can blame a physical person and since the Espada that actually caused Ichiro’s death is gone you’re the next closest.” She sighed, “I know, I just hate seeing him this way and I want to help.” He smiled and reached over patting her on the shoulder, “Don’t worry he’ll come around eventually, and if he doesn’t send him over to me, after all that’s what we’re here for.” She smiled back, “Yah, you’re right. Thank you.” “Anytime.” Takana began to walk away. “Where are you going Takana?” Kyashi asked. He responded in his typical jaded tone, “I’m off to have fun, yay.”

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