Age Unknown (Deceased)
Birthdate September 21th
Height 5ft 3in
Weight Unknown
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 13th Division
Occupation Unseated Officer of the 13th Division

Souseiji (Twin)


Futago has pink hair, pink eyes, wears a pruple hairpin, the standard Shinigami uniform and carries her Zanpakuto on her left waist.


The one that meant the most in the world for Futago was her twin, Souseiji. They did everything together and never left each other. Even though, they looked opposit of eachother, their personalities were mostly the same. Futago's favorite color was pink, she hated rain and loved the sun.



Futago and Souseiji was sent to investigate the absence of Unabara Kujira. When they arrived in Kanmuro Town, they quickly found his life-less body. Afterwards, they were attacked by the Hollow that killed Unabara. They had a quick battle and was defeated.

Powers and Abilities

Flash Steps User: Of course she is able to use Flash Steps, and is rather quite good with it.

Great Swordsmanship: She is very good with her Zanpakuto, but sometimes gets into an argument with her Shikai forms.

Skilled Kido User: She is very skilled in Kido.



Futago's zanpakuto is named Hinotama(Fireball). It's release command is "Fire up"

Shikai: Hinotama splits into two balls of fire, which then gains eyes, bodies, arms and legs.

Shikai Special Abilities: The two fire midgets can fly and explode when they hit the target. When their ashes hits the ground, two small fires lits up and they gets reborned again. They are also able to talk. Appearantly each of them has a twin, who is the Shikai of Souseiji.

Bankai: Not achieved


  • She was randomly made.

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