Age Over 100
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'7"
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Bount
Partners None
Affiliation Bounts

Unknown Sister (Deceased)

Unknown Mother (Deceased)

Fuzen is a Bount in hiding. How long he's lived is unknown, because he never talks about it. The reason he was not found by Kariya on his search Bounts is that he hid in an abandoned cementary. While Kariya searched places were it was said to be "monsters", he did not search the places that was said to be haunted (he presumed it was a hollow).


Fuzen's birth name was Kurai Tategami, but he changed it as he didn't like it. Fuzen has short orange hair, with brown eyes. He wears a light blue sweater, and a dark shirt underneath, with a Black Tooth in his Jackets pocket (His Doll), over it and leaves it unbuttoned with his red undershirt viewable. He also wears the black pants from the same school uniform and wears his own black-colored shoes.


Powers & Abilities

Spiritual Energy Absorption: As all Bounts can, Fuzen can absorb the energy around him to empower himself and his doll. He has an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of spiritual particles.

Soul Absorption: Like any Bount, he drains the energy out of human souls, but he's devoured a living soul only once, as he tries to stick to deceased humans.

Unknown Spiritual Power: Fuzen's spiritual power's strengh is unknown, because he is able to completely hide it, making it harder for Soul Reapers to find him.


Flügel (Flügel, German for "Wings"): Fuzen's Doll takes the form of a dark purple colored bat with black stripes across its back. While unreleased, his Doll takes the form of a little black tooth which he carries in his pocket (he has also used it to replace a missing tooth in his mouth). His dolls ability is for mostly unknown, as he has only battled a Soul Reaper once. His Doll's shown power is the power to transport someone over a very long distance. The Soul Reaper was transported from the ruins of an old hospital, to a crowded island.

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