Gaisen Town (凱旋 市街, Shigai Gaisen; Town of Triumphal Return) is the current residence of Masayoshi, a former member of the Royal Guard seeking to repent. Despite its casual feel and mellow citizens, it is a spiritual hot spot attracting many Hollows and is the target for Dávila to craft a new Hogyoku. Below the town, lies a small well dubbed a Moon Well that constantly pulsates a large proportion of Spiritual Power through the large town.

Notable Places


Gaisen Town


The largest building in the town, the Hospital is shown to be a major spiritual hot spot. Many people who were attacked by Hollows are brought to this hospital, in turn leading the Hollows back to the hospital. Constantly facing physical damage and destruction, its a surprise they aren't broke. The Director of the Hospital has shown to be spiritually aware.

Nara Pond

The pond that lies in the center of Gaisen which directly links to the Moon Well beneath the town. The Water has "lucky" attributes and people are often seen tossing a coin in and making a wish.

Coffee Shop

A popular coffee shop, it is quite large and contains several booths and a counter where people can sit. This is Masayoshi's favorite spot and is often seen drinking his favorite beverage of Black Coffee with two sugars. This is also where he first met Kitano.


Shown to be accessed from beneath the hospital, it has shown to allow Shinigami access to the Soul Society from the World of the Living. It has also shown to work the other way around, allowing Shinigami to reach Gaisen Town. This is where Masayoshi first encountered the Human World and met the Director of the Hospital who showed him the way of kindness. It is decorated with many Oni like masks along the walls with a tomb like object in the center of the room.


  • Gaisen Town is meant to replace Karakura Town as a major Spiritual Hot Spot and target for attacks by Arrancar. It is also shown to have been a former area of battle as shown with the dozens of skeletons that line the floor of the Temple beneath the Hospital.

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