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Geoffrey Oscar
Geoffrey Oscar
Race Human (Quincy)
Birthday November 3
Age 14
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Oscar Family, Rider City
Occupation High School Student
Team Class B-3
Partner Ronald Frank
Base of Operations Oscar Home, South District, Rider City
Personal Status
Relatives Gregory Oscar (Father)
Carla Oscar (Mother)
Darcy Oscar (Sister)
Education Rider High School
Primary Skill
Signature Skill Spirit Weapon
First Appearance
Manga Debut Blutmond 1
Japanese Voice Atsushi Abe

Geoffrey Oscar (ジェフリー オスカー, Jefurī Oskā) is a Gemischt Quincy and a freshman student at Rider High School.[1] He is the son of Gregory and Carla Oscar, as well as the younger brother of Darcy Oscar. He is the primary protagonist of Bleach: Blutmond.


Geoffrey is a petite, frail-looking boy, with short brown hair, pale skin, and wide brown eyes. When not at school, he wears loose-fitting clothes, as he finds them to be more comfortable than form-fitting clothing. He also tends to wear pants that are too long for him, forcing him to role them up around his ankles. While attending Rider High School, his attire consists of the school's standard uniform; a black, long-sleeved dress shirt, matching black dress pants, and black dress shoes.


In part with his appearance, Geoffrey is a soft-spoken, kind-hearted, well meaning individual, and garners a great deal of respect from both his peers and his elders for this reason. He is an intellectual, desiring to go into the medical profession, like his father. Most of all, however, he seems to respect and look up to his mother; whom he feels has had a greater role in his upbringing. In part with his frail-looking appearance, Geoffrey often curses his own powerlessness, desiring to protect his older sister, mother, and father, as well as his numerous friends, despite lacking the ability to.

Geoffrey is a promising student, ranking within the top five in his class concerning his grades, though he claims he lacks in the are of Physical Education. He can often be seen diligently studying and faithfully completing his homework assignments, which often catches him flack from his friends, who are often less committed than he is. While he can be polite towards others, especially his elders, using the proper honorifics to address his peers. However, with people he feels indifferent towards, he can often slip up and not use honorifics, with mixed responses.

He seems to have a close relationship with his sister, as the two are often seen going out to eat and chatting on a quite friendly level when the two have time.


Quincy Agent Arc


  • Quincy Cross: A pendant given to him by Himura Ishida. It appears as a five-pointed pentacle with a chain that can be used to make it into a necklace or a bracelet.[1]

Powers & Abilities

See also: Old Man

Spiritual Awareness: Geoffrey has enough spiritual energy to clearly see Souls, such as Hollows.[1]


  • Vladik Volkov was initially meant to be the main character of Blutmond, but this was decided against in order to build a character up from the very start; from powerlessness.
  • He is commonly referred to as just "Geoff", or "Geoffster" by his best friend, Ron.


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