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Nazonazo (his real name) is the 8th Espada, and the most recent Espada in Rayanone Michihofo's Arrancar Army.


Sharq is a mysterious man, known as "Captain Nazonazo Same" to the Soul Society, when he was the Captain of the Kido Corps., before he was turned into a hollow completely during the fight against Aizen. As a hollow, he was your average newly-formed hollow, hasn't mastered powers, and is not a menos. He was then turned into an arrancar, and although he was an average hollow, he has the power of a Captain. He was killed by Youkaimaru, his former lieutenant and the current Kido Captain, although Youkaimaru could not hope to match Nazonazo's strength. Ikkaku did most of the work, sending Same into a coma, so it was easy to kill him with a strong Captain-level Kido. Ikkaku was about to kill him, but Youkaimaru intercepted, as he wanted the honors. He knew it wasn't his fault he was Hollowfied, but it was his fault he still allied with Michihofo. Youkaimaru was furious with his former friend for his betrayal and killed him with a very strong Byakurai Kido.


His zanpakuto is envidia (Spanish for "envy"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of a longsword. However, he almost never carries it with him.


Despise, Envidia

  • Resurrección: Its released command is despise. When he releases it, he controls anything that flies. He can also create birds of reiatsu. He turns into a goat thing hybrid.
Resurrección Special Ability:

Nobody really knows what he can do in this form.

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