Gussuri is a regular katana. It has a yellow hilt,and a yellow guard.

Shikai Command- Read


In shikai Gussuri grows about a foot, and becomes harder and lighter. The color stays the same.

Shikai Ability- '

Gussuri's shikai ability is to teleport anyone holding its hilt to anywhere in a 2 kilometer radius at the price of a small amount of spiritual energy.


In bankai, Gussuri grows to be about 10 feet long, and keeps its other looks.

Bankai Ability-

Gussuri's bankai ability is to teleport anyone or thing to anywhere in a 2 kilometer radius that is touching the blade part of the sword.The one who is holding the hilt chooses where the object or person should be sent to. It has a price of a small but larger then shikai amount of spiritual energy. It can also send out an energy ball with the same effects at the cost of even more spiritual energy. The ball or balls can be telepathically controlled by the person holding the hilt of the blade.

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