Haciaparaje (loosely Upper Region) is a group of 6 arrancar who have reached the second stage of Ressurection. They are all unknown to all of the Arrancar, which is why Ulquirria state's he is the only one who has reached the state. There is only one known member, who's name is not stated. He is only seen with jet black hair and a pair of black sunglasses. He has sharp teeth and a evil grin. They are ranked in order from strongest (a) and weakest (Efe). They have the word written onto their jacket's.


Diamante Ola Grande- A

Yylfordt Granz- B

Kurobara- C

Gigantetoro- D

Profundo Cartelera- E

Fantasma Reina- F


Members of the Haciaparaje can use all of the arrancar abilities. They also have developed their own ability called Veces, meaning Times. With Veces they can create clones of themselves who are as skilled but can't use their ressurection. Most of the Haciaparaje have Fraccion.


  • Haciaparaje mean's Upper Region
  • Once deceased arrancar, Yylfordt Granz is the current B rank Haciaparaje.
  • The leader of the Haciaparaje, is a female named Diamante. She has the ability to alter her appearance between a woman and man.

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