Hangetsu Kuchiki, also known as Ameterasu is the middle child of Hakumei as well as the sister to Mangetsu and Gengetsu.

Hangetsu Kuchiki
Ninja by RaygorMortis
Silence is her Weapon
Age 8000+
Height 4'6"
Weight 98 lbs.
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Occupation Unknown


Althought older than Gengetsu, she appears younger. Hangetsu is short with a short brown haircut with two red ribbons in her hair. She wears a kimono with a back streak like pattern towards the bottom. She has a large belt with a silver buckle. The sleeves are long and three knives stick from each. She wears thight guards similar to Mangetsu with long straps hanging off her back.


Hangetsu is normally quiet, unless she is scolding her brothers. Her loyalty is to her father, but she still feels he is stupid and should have killed off humanity years ago. She seems to have a plan to kill her father when he is most vulnerable and take over the Soul Society by herself.


Shunpo Master- Like her brothers, Shunpo is her speciality. She moves at great speeds, unseen to most eyes. She has used her speed not only when moving but when unsheathing her blade and striking a target.

  • Hanaidou (lit. Petal Movement)- A form of Shunpo, that when moving leaves a storm of petals in her place. The petals are made of entirely condensed Reish. The petals resembe the ones made by Senbonzakura.

Master Swordsman- She is skilled with multiple bladed weapons, including her Zanpakuto which is a katana and the butterfly daggers she carries in her sleeves.

Fire Affinity- She has a natural fire affinity, being able to condense her reiatsu around her fist in the form of fire. Her fire abilities rival that of the Captain Commander Yamamoto.


Hangetsu's Zanpakuto is called Hòng Huǒbō (lit. Infinte Fire Storm 澒火波) and is sealed as a katana. The handle is a mauve red and the guard is shaped like a diamond. The sheath has a golden fire pattern. The release phrase is Ignite and Burn.

Shikai- Her Shikai is Unknown, as well as her Bankai


  • Like Mangetsu she has picked up calling Gengetsu, Okama meaning Male Transvestite.

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