Henkō No Kōdo (変更のコード, literally "Codes of Change") is a group of High-Spec Humans that use to be associated with Luz del Alba. The were previous members of Saibankan, but later branched off to aid one of the old subordinates of Koda Ketsueki named Kyokai Okami.


When Saibankan was created, they were a vigilante group used to monitor the activity of humans within the living world. They were stationed practically everywhere, and used high-quality technology to keep their eyes on key targets. They began gaining powers through unknown means of increasing their spiritual power. This put them on a level similar to Orihime Inoue. They soon branched from Saibankan when the leader started making them attack citizens similar in status to them.

Dengen Kōdo, one of the senior members of Saibankan, later met with Kyokai Okami to discuss the creation of an Organization with the goal of taking down Luz del Alba and Saibankan. Kyokai agreed and helped Dengen form Henkō No Kōdo, which is now called as Kōdo No Kanshu (コードの看守, literally "Keepers of The Code").

Dengen Kōdo then went around gathering a group of High-Spec Humans that possessed enough spiritual power to keep order within the living world. Kyokai Okami then decided to get involved when one of those members turned out to be his ex-girlfriend, Tamashī Nochi. Dengen promised to keep an eye on her as Kyokai's best friend.


When originally created Henkō No Kōdo had the dream of keeping order in the living world. However, as time progressed they continued to get wind of Luz del Alba using the Extracteurs power to steal the yin/yang from people's souls. This caused them to spring into action, with the hopes of destroying/beating Luz del Alba. Though, as the fight between them progressed on, they began to develop relations with Saibankan. but was then betrayed. This forced them to get even more involved in the conflict, making Kyokai Okami apart of it also.



(† = confirmed death) (★ = confirmed drop out)

Shisutemu No Kurieitā (システムのクリエイター, literally "Creators of The System")
Name Membership Species Status
Seikatsu-keiCode: CreatorQuincyActive
Ransu ArufaCode: CenterFullbringerActive
Kōdo No Kanshu (コードの看守, literally "Keepers of The Code")
Name Membership Species Status
Dengen KōdoCode: 01 (Leader)High-Spec HumanActive
Kyokai OkamiCode: 02 (Second-In-Command)ShinigamiActive
Tamashī NochiCode: 03Human (Fullbrigner)Active