Hikaru Kesshi is captain of the 9th division.

Hikaru Kesshi
Age 200



Although two hundred years old, Hikaru looks twenty. He is tall with fair skin, spiky blond hair and a round face.


Hikaru is very friendly and sociable. Always cheerful, he strives to do the right thing, and always knows what it is, even when the choice is not clear to anyone else.

Hikaru has a very black and white view of the world. For him, there are no shades of grey, only greater goods and lesser evils, in the same way that light and shadow do not mix, the only thing that's between them is paler shadow.


Hikaru hails from one of the prominent noble families in Seireitei. Easily working himself through the ranks, he was recommended to the position of captain.

Powers and Abilities

Hikaru has mastered all four aspects of shinigami skills.

Hikaru's Zanpakuto is called Hikariyajuu ('Light beast'). When releasing it in shikai form, Hikaru brings up the sword to his face and says "Illuminate the dark, Hikariyajuu." The sword glows bright, and becomes a giant sword of light. This sword is able to extend itself, and performs well at blocking blows.

In bankai form, Hikariyajuu takes on the form of a large griffin, and can produce beams of destructive light and can control light. This latter ability enables Hikaru to create illusions.

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