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Hollow Ahatake
Hollow Ahatake
Name Hollow Ahatake
Kanji 黒崎唖畑
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Race Inner Hollow/Zanpakutō Spirit
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender male
Height 5'11"
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes Crimson (Black sclera)
Hair Black
Blood Type
Unusual Features Inverted Appearance
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself, Ahatake Kurosaki
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Ahatake's Source of Power
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner Ahatake Kurosaki
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Ahatake Kurosaki (host)
Education None
Status Alive
Shikai Ryūseiga
Bankai Tensuryūseiga
Resurrección Unknown

Hollow Ahatake (虚 (ホロウ) 唖畑 Horō Ahatake), more properly called The Hollow within Ahatake's conscience (唖畑 の内面 (ないめん) の虚 (ホロウ), Ahatake no naimen no Horō), is a powerful entity that developed inside Ahatake's soul when he gained Hollow powers simultaneously with his own Shinigami powers.

Born from a Hollowfication process, he represents the dark side of Ahatake's soul. After Ahatake lost his Shinigami powers, Hollow Ahatake was the source of his power by proxy. When Ahatake regained his powers, it is unknown, but presumed, he no longer exists.


Like all inner Hollow's, Hollow Ahatake possesses white skin and black sclera, but thats where the similarities end. His eyes are deep red, and his hair is black. Unlike Ahatake's suit, his is all white with a black collar. When not in battle his face usually bear a rather stoic expression, and he appears calm. At once time, he would also double as Ahatake's Zanpakutō spirit, where his appearance changed depending on the dominant power.


When not in battle, Hollow Ahatake can be very calm and that is reflected in his expression. Unfortunately when in battle....he goes off. Like any other inner hollow, his style of fighting is ruthless and sadistic, preferring to torture and mutilate his enemies before killing them. Like Ahatake, he get's a thrill of fighting an enemy who can challenge him and when in battle, he tend's to cackle like a maniac. He harbor's dislike for Seireitou, carried over from when he was a pure inner hollow, for suppressing him in his attempt to take over Ahatake's body.

Powers and Abilties

Hollow Ahatake has the same abilties as Ahatake, only stronger, shown when he could damage enemies Ahatake couldn't even touch.

Vast Spiritual Power: Hollow Ahatake has vast reserves of energy, those of which fully outstrip the power Ahatake himself possesses.

Enhanced Strength: He possesses far greater strength than Ahatake, shown when he grabbed Subeta by his collar and threw him against a tree, though he himself went with him.

Highly Perceptive Combatant: Despite his arrogant and insane demeanor when in battle, Hollow Ichigo has shown to be a very insightful and crafty fighter. Unlike Ahatake, Hollow Ahatake has been shown to be actually analyze his opponent's abilities and find their weaknesses, shown when he fought against Ryuka's first Zanpakuto, he figured out the weakness to his time controlling ability.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: His most primary form of combat is through the use of his Zanpakuto, so he can be considered a Swordsmanship Specialist. Unlike Ahatake, who prefer's the use of cero and the flame power's of his blade, Hollow Ichigo prefers to use the blade itself, making him more skilled in Swordsmanship than Ahatake.

Enhanced Speed: Like Ahatake, Hollow Ahatake is very fast, but he has shown to be faster than Ahatake, and possesses mastery over form of Hohō known by Ahatake.


Ryuseiga spirit
Kanji 竜牙
Race Zanpakutō Spirit
Gender Female
Bankai Tensuryūseiga
Professional Status
First Appearance

Ryūseiga (竜牙, "Dragon Fang") is the name of Ahatake's Zanpakutō, which takes the form of a standard sized katana with a black handle and and blood-red sheath. The guard has two curved extensions from its long sides, which are designed with small Chinese Dragons. His Zanpakuto Spirit takes the form of well-endowed, bespectacled woman with short dark hair, piercing red eyes, who wields a katana similar to her sealed state. Ahatake described her personality as "very similar to Tereya". She constantly refers to Ahatake as bōya (坊や boy) when she speaks to him

  • Shikai: Released by the command Feel your body’s muscles, and its roar, Feel your heart beat as you soar and dive, Feel the control to work the magic, Feel the emotion, love and anger (あなたは不機嫌そうに、ダイビング、お気軽コントロールを魔法のように機能するフィールあなたの体の筋肉が、その轟音は、お気軽心ビートフィール感情、愛と怒り Anata wa fukigen-sō ni, daibingu, o kigaru kontorōru o mahō no yō ni kinō suru fīru anata no karada no kin'niku ga, sono gōon wa, o kigaru-shin bītofīru kanjō,-ai to ikari), Ryūseiga changes from a Katana to a jian, a Chinese straight sword. The blade takes on a black coloration, the handle turns red, and the guard resembles a Chinese Dragon more than before. The blade is very strong, able to cut through various metals with little to moderate effort.
Shikai Special Ability: Despite Ryūseiga's usefulness in standard melee combat, it possesses a few special abilities which revolve around energy.
Shōryūha (飛翔竜発破, Soaring Dragon Wave)

Shōryūha forming

The Shōryūha is one of Ryūseiga's most powerful attacks. When used, the normally black blade glows blue, and reishi is gathered in a manner so it starts to form into a blue dragon, similar to Hyōrinmaru in Shikai. The dragon is mentally controlled by Ahatake, and as enough power to destroy a Danku shield. When it connects with the victim, it will explode and envelop them as a normal blast would.

Hiryūri (飛散竜裏面 Dragon that flies back): When an opponent unleashes an energy attack, Ahatake can send a twister of energy from his sword, engulfing the opponent's attack and forcing it back at them.

  • Bankai: Tensuryūseiga
    Tensuryūseiga Dragon

    The dragon Tensuryūseiga summons

    (天鉄竜牙 Heaven's Iron Dragon Fang): In it's Bankai state, Tensuryūseiga retains it's jian state, but Ahatake's dons a long, scaled cloak, and it summons a large, menacing dragon, resembling a Chinese Dragon in most respects. The dragon has a mind of it's own, but it bends to Ahatake's will.
Bankai Special Ability: Ahatake's Bankai revolves around the use of his dragon, but it gain's additional attacks as well.
Dragon: Ahatake's Bankai summons a large menacing dragon, which Ahatake calls Ryū (竜 Dragon). The dragon has very durable hide, and has a mind of it's own, though it willingly obeys Ahatake's orders. The dragon constantly exude's vile spiritual pressure, which causes anyone in the vicinity to feel sick and experience fear, though Ahatake seems to be immune to it's effects.
Flame: The dragon is capable of letting loose bursts of flame from it's mouth. These flames are uniquely purple colored and can melt even rock.
Energy Blasts: The dragon can fire blasts of pure reishi from it's mouth, and they crackle like lightning. This is the dragon's strongest attack and it can be charged and it is difficult to redirect.
Ryūho Taihō (竜骨大砲 Dragon Bone Cannon): Tensuryūseiga's ultimate attack. Ahatake swings his blade down, and at the instance of the swing, Tensuryūseiga absorbs his spiritual energy and releases a large sphere of spiritual energy from the tip of the blade. Although it is slow moving, it is very powerful, and explodes upon contact with anything, even Ahatake himself.
Ryūnarahi (竜奈落火 Dragon's Hell Fire): Tensuryūseiga's true ultimate attack. Ahatake has recently learned it, and intends to use it against Hiraishin.

Former Powers and Abilities

Hollow Abilties

While never exhibiting any Hollow Abilties in Ahatake's inner world, Hollow Ahatake has exhibited them when outside of Ahatake's body.

Possession: Hollow Ahatake has shown to be able to, like most inner hollows, posses his host when he falls unconscious in battle. When this occurs, half of Ahatake's mask forms on his face, and his sclera blacken and his iris's turn yellow.

Cero: When possessing Ahatake's body, he was shown to fire a large and powerful Cero Blast, red like Ahatake's but stronger.


His theme, as stated by User:Darknesslover5000, is I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace


  • (When fighting Ryuuka Injiki) "I'm digging this! I haven't let loose like this in a long time!"
  • (To Ahatake) "You really are a hopeless case!"
  • Now I've got some questions. What the shit are you?!
  • “I am a snake, cold blooded, unfeeling, searching for prey with the tip of the tongue, swallowing whole whomever I please.”

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