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Hollow Research Institution
Kanji 中空の研究機関
English Hollow Research Institution
Romaji Horō no Kenkyū Kikan
Founder(s) Raian Getsueikirite
Headquarters Seireitei, Soul Society
Leader(s) Raian Getsueikirite
Senior Member(s) N/A
Other Members N/A
Affiliation Eighth Division
Purpose To create Hollow fighting technology

The Hollow Reaserch Institute (中空の研究機関, Horō no Kenkyū Kikan) is an organization within Soul Society charged with the development of technologies based on Hollow research.


It was conceptualized and created by then-Tenth Division Captain Raian Getsueikirite, who intended for it to be attached to the Tenth Division as well, with Ryan as President and his then-lieutenant, Mashū Getsueikirite as Vice-President. During the period of time that Raian was absent from the Gotei 13, Mashū filled in as President of the organization. After Raian's return, he returned to president of the organization once again and merged it with the Eight Division.


The Institute is behind the development of many of the technologies that aid the Shinigami against Hollows and Arrancar, and is currently headed by Raian Getsueikirite. It was founded by Raian Getsueikirite, during the time just after he was promoted to Captain.

The Hollow Research Institute has performed extensive research into the modification of Hollow and Arrancar souls; the results of this research were artificial souls, both in the form of "Visored" and Arrancar. The SHRI also tracks Hollow activity in the real world, and maintains the peace in Hueco Mundo.

Notable Members

(† = confirmed death)

Name Membership Species Status
Raian GetsueikiritePresidentShinigamiActive
Mashū GetsueikiriteVice-PresidentShinigamiDeceased †


  • The institute faded into obscurity after the first two arcs, however, it is making a return in the last three.

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