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Hollow Shiro
Race Inner Hollow
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weight 150 lbs
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Occupation None
Team None
Partner Shiro Morimoto
Base of Operations Shiro's Inner World
Personal Status
Shikai Fūō
Bankai Not Achieved
Other Powers
First Appearance
Japanese Voice Junichi Suwabe
English Voice David Vincent (actor)
Spanish Voice Mario Castañeda

Hollow Shiro (虚シロ森本, Horō Shiro) is the Inner Hollow of Shiro Morimoto, born from the instance where he encountered a rabbit-like Hollow as a boy. The complete opposite of Shiro in terms of personality, Hollow Shiro acts as the personification of Shiro's basest desires, as well as a dangerous source of power for him too.


Hollow Shiro is virtually identical to Shiro himself, but being the opposite of him in terms of color. He is a well-built, but lean appearing young man with spikey white hair that extends down to his lower neck. His eyes are yellow with black sclera, like with all other Hollows, and his right eye bears the same three scars that his Shinigami counterpart possesses as well. His attire is also rather unique as well, dismissing the standard Shikahusho in favor of a long, high collared white overcoat with a black interior and black belted robe. He also wears a black tattered Captain's Haori piece on his left shoulder, fastened with a black metal clip.


Hollow Shiro, like with other members of his kind, is the direct opposite of Shiro in every aspect of the word. Where Shiro is a more serious and up tight individual, Hollow Shiro is loud, rude, and rather aloof too. He personifies himself through his signature grin and laugh, using it to through his opponents off guard...

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Powers and Abilities


Hollow Form