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Hundriko is a male Fantasma Bianca. He is a member of the I Soldati Di Dio. His Fantasma Bianca title is Pugno Divino (Italian for Divine Fist)

Purifichi I Dei

His Purifichi I Dei is La Collera Di Dio (Italian for "God's Wrath"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of a scimitar that can emit flames. It can be thrown as a javelin but it causes so much collateral damage that it is dangerous to do so.

  • Apòstolo: To release it, Hundriko must thrust La Collera Di Dio as a javelin into the air. It then becomes Frigido (Italian for Frigid). When he releases it, it becomes a blizzard. He can make tools (such as a katana or pickaxe) of ice and/or snow.
  • Piena Fusione: To release it, Hundriko condenses the entire Frigido blizzard into one point, which he uses as a katana. This katana is his Piena Fusione, Una Spada (Italian for One Sword). All that is known about this form is that it can freeze all that it touches, even reiatsu itself.

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