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Seireitou knows he can no longer fight against his instinct. As he leaves, the sun rises as Ryan catches a wind of what may be falling upon the Shinigami world.

In Hueco Mundo, Ryan soon awoke. He sensed a disturbance in the Human Realm. The balance of reiatsu from last night was off. He got up, waking Matt who was sleeping next to him. Matt slowly got his eye to open, "Ryan...? What is it...?" he lazily asked. Ryan patted his shoulder, "Stay here with Jessica and Sanji. I won't be long." he assured his cousin, as he summoned a Garganta, and entered the portal.

"Seireitou... What did you do...?"

Ryan exited the portal in Reiji Maigo, where Suneku was all loitering around the fields, training and whatnot. "Ah! Ryan-san, welcome!" called out Asaka, giving him a warm welcome. Ryan chuckled, "Thank you. I wish I had good news as well. I'm afraid that, the reiatsu levels in Karakura have changed drastically. I can't sense Seireitou anymore. At all." he stated. Sakura overheard, looking down sadly. Ryan then smiled, "I'll find him. No worries. I did it before. I'll do it again!" he grinned. Sakura then looked up, "I'm coming too." she stated. Ryan looked over, as then Asaka smiled, "I'll help find Sei-sama as well!" she chimed. "Alright, good. I got a team now." Ryan stated, as Reiunken got up. "I'm coming too. You'll be overwhelmed by the femininity." smirked Reiunken. Ryan grinned, "Probably. I haven't had a chance to work alongside you yet. Should be fun." Ryan smiled. He summoned a Garganta, trying to sense around for Seireitou's reiatsu. In the Dangai, he sensed something matching Seireitou, and opened his eyes. "There! Let's go. Hurry!" he stated, as the four entered the portal.

Far away, the man known as Kariudo faced a portal as he then turned over to see 3 Arrancar. "You know what to do." he ordered, the the Arrancar bowed, flashing into the portal as it closed. Kariudo chuckled, "Soon."

Ryan and Kariudo have both sent out their own groups. Will they find Seireitou?!

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