"At what point did I ever claim that I was cutting you down in my capacity as a Shinigami? To justify the actions I have taken I need but one reason. You raised your blade in contempt of my pride."

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Iena is a female Fantasma Bianca. She is a member of the I Soldati Di Dio. Her Fantasma Bianca title is Regolo Divino (Italian for Divine Ruler).

Purifichi I Dei

Her Purifichi I Dei is L'Invidia Di Dio (Italian for "God's Envy"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of a lance that shoots black Crudeltà. She also rides a horse, but it is unknown if this is part of her zanpakuto.

  • Apòstolo: To release it, Iena stabs the lance into the horse, then releases a black Crudeltà into the horse. It is important to note this horse is mechanic... Her Apòstolo is called Fiamme Infernali (Italian for Hellish Flames). This literally teleports her into a volcano, which was created upon release. She can breathe lava, but anyone else effected by her release CAN NOT.
  • Piena Fusione: Her Piena Fusione is Cattivo E Buono (Evil And Good in Italian). To release it, Iena condenses the entire Fiamme Infernali volcano into a single Spear that shoots lava. She can erupt anywhere on the ground with a burst of reiatsu by stabbing that spot with the spear.

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