Japanese for Thunder.

He looks twenty-five but he may look scary, but he's an actual softy! He cares about Nanami. He doesn't want to see her hurt. So he's her protecter when she's sleeping! Creepy huh? Well, he will do anything to serve his master. He is 5'9 and likes candy. He is thunderous, rambunctious, and mystifying. His command is rai no to saki which means bloom straight into the thunder. He's twins with Hinata.

He carries a long sword and has silver hair. Has a scar on his right cheek and part of his right eye. He loves teasing Hinata and Nanami. Nanami is the only one that he lets giving him hugs aside from Hinata. He is not on good terms with her father, Ichigo. He is on good terms with her mother, Rukia. And Hinata is the opposite of Ikazuchi.

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