The Espada Leader and Manuel are standing in the hallway of the Espada leader's palace explaining the current situation in Hueco Mundo.

"To think these shinigami could be such a nuisance, but oh well" said the leader. Manuel shook his head at the leader's laxed attitude, "Honestly sir we need to be careful even that lieutenant is showing signs of progress. Also we still have Zukia on our hands." The leader chuckeled, "Since when do you worry?" he asked. "Normally I don't but I'm not immortal so I have some reason to worry about my life" snapped Manuel. Shocked at Manuel's sudden change in tone the leader kicked him causing Manuel to drop to the ground, Manuel looked up at the leader to see the leader's expression change. "Out of the four of you you are my least favorite. I could kill you easily, don't bite the hand that feeds you punk. I didn't sleep with that whore just to bear ungrateful children like you". Manuel didn't move a muscle as the leader walked back down the hall to his chambers, "Get up boy I won't kill you". Manuel responded with a yes sir and fled in the oposite direction.


Isabella's new look when entering Soul Society

Meanwhile in Soul Society a woman stands atop of a tower over looking Soul Society. She draws her sword and jumps off the tower as she descends it is revealed that is Isabella. She lands on the ground only to have several Shinigami guards to greet her at her arrival. Isabella smiles, "Such disgusting prey" she says. The guards lunge in at her but she quiclky disposes of them. She licks her lips of the spilt blood and continues her way to the center of the Seretei.

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