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Infillio is a male Fantasma Bianca. He is a member of the I Soldati Di Dio. His Fantasma Bianca title is Spada Divina (Italian for Divine Sword).

Purifichi I Dei

His Purifichi I Dei is L'Orgoglio Di Dio (Italian for "God's Pride"). In its sealed state, it takes the form of a fencing-style sword that he can break apart and use the reiryoku as wings.

  • Apòstolo: To release it, Infillio must stab any tree near him with L'Orgoglio Di Dio and use a Cero to propel himself upward, slicing the tree in half. It is called Cielo. It turns the landscape of the battlefield around them into the air, thousands of feet up (what that really means is that they are thrust upward, but since shinigami and Fantasma Bianca can stand in midair, it's no big deal). Several rain clouds form around them. Infillio can control these and any other cloud up there.
  • Piena Fusione: His Piena Fusione is L'onda Dei (The Wave Gods in Italian). To release it, Infillio condenses the entire Cielo rainstorm into one wave. Normally Infillio and anyone else in Cielo's landscape would fall, unless they can stand in the sky anyway. The wave is as sharp as the released Sokyoku.

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