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Bleach AMV - Colors of the heart - Uverworld00:00

Bleach AMV - Colors of the heart - Uverworld

Opening for this Arc

One night, Kouhei Tandokuno was attacked by a Hollow but a mysterious blinding light appeared to have saved him. He woke soon to find himself in Karakura Park, alone as always.


1. The Second Hand of Time

Kouhei discovers of his hidden powers and true persona. What was that mysterious light that saved him?!

2. The Star of a Contract Fell

A Mysterious Shinigami has saved Kouhei from the two strangers. What does he want with Kouhei?!

3. Without Dreaming Shallow Dreams

Desperatly wanting the power to protect himself and others, Kouhei decides to train under Seireitou Kuchiki. What will he learn from the powerful rogue?!?!

4. Black Sky and White Sun

Kouhei has awakened his Zanpakuto, while at the same time, both of his friends have awakened their own powers. However, two new enemies arrive... But, are they new ones?!?!

Next: Journey into the Seireitei arc

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