Takashi Ishigawa
Irkura Yamato
Age 271
Birthdate January 27
Height 6ft. 1in.
Weight 172lbs.
Gender Male
Species Soul
Affiliation Soul Society, Inboyuigon
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13 (false pretenses), Seireitei (false pretenses), Onmitsukidō (false pretenses), Commando Regiment (false pretenses)
Occupation One of ten Inboyuigon leaders
Previous Occupation(s) Corp Commander of the Commando Regiment (false pretenses)

Grandfather (unnamed), Father (unnamed)

Irkura Yamato (行く蔵大和; Yamato Irkura) is a prominent leader of the cult organization Inboyuigon, and one of Soul Society's most skilled warriors. Irkura came from the 35th District of East Rukongai, and was a tenth generation member of the Inboyuigon. After the Inboyuigon's devastating defeat at the hands of the Gotei 13, Irkura's grandfather was sent to infiltrate the Seireitei to regain information on their mystic arts and the inner workings of the Seireitei. With the mantle passed down to Irkura, he became the foremost spy for the Inboyuigon. Before the revelation of his loyalties, Irkura had attained a high-ranking position in the Gotei 13, becoming the Corp Commander of the Onmitsukidō's Commando Regiment. After his insurgency, Irkura found a violent rival in his former subordinate, Takashi Ishigawa.

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