Odd encounter

Two young children were walking through the forest, one. a silver haired boy carrying a naginata that was far to big for himself, and a brown haired child in a red and white sailor suit outfit. They were walking at a slow pace, as though they had all the time in the world.

The refined Kurisu Taizen, captain of the Seventh Division was walking up the same forest.

Isshou, the brown haired child, flung his arms around Awai, the silver haired, narrowly missing the naginata. "Awai why don't we ever take a break?" He asked in a voice that so resembled a young girls. "There's plenty of things we could be doing besides this you know."

Awai sighed and he when he replied, his voice was calm and it sounded like he weighed every word he spoke. "Because Isshou, as you should very well know, our mission is more important than...more pleasurable activities."

Isshou sighed. "Meanie."

Kurisu was now a few feet away from the two children. "Hello. What are you two doing out here ?"

Awai looked up and so did Isshou. Awai eyed the stranger coldly and did not answer. Isshou was about to answer his question, when Awai elbowed him in the stomach.

Kurisu kept on walking. "Do as you please."

Awai lifted Isshou off of him and the turned around. Slowly he lifted his naginata. Killing the man couldn't hurt. He twirled the blade around and it chopped the trees on either side of him in half. He vanished and reappeared, before Isshou could stop him, above Kurisu's neck. He swung his blade with every intent to kill.

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