Istar's number is tattooed on her left eye-lid.


Istar was once a vicious adjucha, and was one of the most powerful. She had a tendency to rip off the mask of a hollow before eating it, keeping the mask as a trophy tied to a necklace of masks.

Powers and Abilities

Istar's Zanpakuto has the power of "Amor" ('Love'). When unsheathed, it produces a gassy aphrodisiac that ensnares any nearby man. Istar will always seduce a male opponent first instead of killing them right away.

Her personal ability is 'Envidiar' (Envy), and she is able to awaken and enhanced hidden envy anyone might have.

Her Ressurecion is released with the command "Slay, Belladiosa!" ('War Goddess'). In this form, she bears the necklace of the most powerful hollows she had consumed.

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